Workshop Resources

Workshop 1: Pitch Perfect Part 1

Workshop 2: Team Dynamics

Workshop 3: Business Modeling

Business Modeling 
Download | Business Model Canvas (.jpg)
Download | Business Model Canvas Questions (.pdf)
Online Business Model Canvas

Workshop 4: StartupVikes Customer Development

Download | Stanford – Interview Preparation (.pdf)
Download | Stanford – Interview for Empath (.pdf)
Instant Market Feed Back Polling

Workshop 5: Field Plan 

Download | Stanford – Prototype to Test (.pdf)
26 Resources to Help You Master Customer Development Interviews

Workshop 6: Realizing Your Costs

Workshop 7: Show Me the Money

Profitability Analysis| Profitability analysis
Southern Organic Sweetcakes LLC 2-15-16
The Funded: Reviews and testimonials of investors from the founders’ perspective; do your investor due diligence here

Workshop 8: Legal

Startup Legal 101
Docracy: Open source legal documents

Workshop 8: Pitch Perfect Presentation

Pitch Perfect Presentation
Download | 7 Deadly Sins of Startup Storytelling (.pdf)
Download | Forbes Article – Master Storytelling (.pdf)

Additional Resources

Sample Pitches
Social Enterprise Presentation
What is Social entrepreneurship
Using the business model to design a Social enterprise

Program Materials

Research Guides
Startup Stash: A directory of resources & tools to help build your startup.


10 Lessons to Learn from Failing Startups
Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mentor
Entrepreneurs Need More Than Guidance


TED Talk: The single biggest reason why startups succeed
TED Talk: Do What You Love


The Pitch