Mark Anderson

Mark is a digital marketing professional in the NEO area. Working for startups, agencies, and corporations both big and small, Mark has become an expert in digital marketing. When he is not working with Impulse, his real estate investments or consulting, Mark spends time working on his personal startup projects. With his passion for marketing and business, Mark hopes to push the digital marketing industry to the next level.

Impulse is a swipe-based feedback app where users can easily ask the public questions through a picture and/or text and receive anonymous feedback. The comprehensive analytics we provide will help companies get a better understanding of their target customers. Furthermore, intelligent decisions can be made based on the analytics to help enhance the products companies provide.

Destiny Burns

Destiny is the founder of CLE Urban Winery, a fun, inviting, upscale boutique winery experience in the historic, urban setting of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. The CLE Urban Winery produces, serves and sells a wide variety of wine, all branded to honor and celebrate the city of Cleveland. CLE Urban Winery is a Federally Bonded Winery and sells their own hand-crafted wine exclusively. The company’s wine production facility, a signature Tasting Bar and primary retail outlet are located in the Cedar-Lee District at 2180B Lee Road In Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Alysha Ellis

Alysha LaRae Ellis has a Master’s in Business, Bachelor’s in Urban Regional Planning with a minor in Business Management and Labor Relations from Cleveland State University, and an Associate’s in Liberal Arts from Mercyhurst University. She is a Cleveland, Ohio native and has dedicated herself over the years to invest in community, equity (health, economic, women, and racial), and entrepreneurship. During her engagement in community transformation, she has launched several initiatives, businesses, programs, and innovative strategies.

Robert Lisy
Robert Lisy serves as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board for Internal Money Express (Intermex) a Nasdaq (IMXI) listed company. He joined the Intermex in 2009 and has led the Company to revenue growth of more than 800% and EBITDA growth of more 7,000% during his tenure. As a result of this exceptional growth, IMXI became a publicly traded company in July of 2018. During the course of his 30-year career in Financial Services and Fintech Mr. Lisy has held several numerous key management positions. He served as Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Vigo Remittance from 2002-2006. He led the organization to the sales and revenue growth that culminated in the Company being acquired by Western Union in October of 2005, delivering a 90% annualized rate of rate of return for the share-holders. Earlier in his career from 1998-2002 Mr. Lisy served as Chief Operating Officer for Direct Express/Paystation a Fintech company that expedited payments from consumers to billers through a network of retailers using cutting edge proprietary technology at that time. He was instrumental in the sale of that company to American Payment Systems. Mr. Lisy also served in various positions with Western Union of increasing responsibility from 1991-1997.  Ending his career at Western Union as the Area Director of the California region, which accounted for approximately 15% of the Company’s revenue.  Mr. Lisy holds BBA in Finance from Cleveland State University.