2018 Winners

1st Place: ReCap


ReCap seeks to solve the problem of patient access and compliance with physical therapy. Through a series of wearable clothing that will send data to patients, physicians and physical therapists, ReCap will not only focus on the wearable pieces, but will also develop the apps that patients, physicians and physical therapists have.

2nd Place: Garage Founder

Garage Founder

Garage Founder seeks to solve the issues that entrepreneurs and startups have when finding commercial space for their business. Commercial real estate has become increasingly complex. The company seeks to be the Air B-N-B for entrepreneurs and startups seeking different types of spaces. (GarageFounder.com)

3rd Place: InSpirit

In Spirit

InSpirit aims to provide a medical device and system to detect dehydration in nursing homes. Dehydration is a severe problem that nursing homes face. Nursing homes face staffing issues, lack of continuous monitoring of the patients and late diagnosis often leads to patients being hospitalized. The device will provide fast, accurate hydration data to a centralized dashboard or a mobile device for individual users.