2018 Companies Formed

First Place – ReCap:

ReCap seeks to solve the problem of patient access and compliance with physical therapy. Through a series of wearable clothing that will send data to patients, physicians and physical therapists, ReCap will not only focus on the wearable pieces, but will also develop the apps that patients, physicians and physical therapists have.

 Second Place – Garage Founder:

Garage Founder seeks to solve the issues that entrepreneurs and startups have when finding commercial space for their business. Commercial real estate has become increasingly complex. The company seeks to be the Air B-N-B for entrepreneurs and startups seeking different types of spaces. (GarageFounder.com)

 Third Place – InSpirit:

InSpirit aims to provide a medical device and system to detect dehydration in nursing homes. Dehydration is a severe problem that nursing homes face. Nursing homes face staffing issues, lack of continuous monitoring of the patients and late diagnosis often leads to patients being hospitalized. The device will provide fast, accurate hydration data to a centralized dashboard or a mobile device for individual users.

Entitle Media:

Entitle Media is a digital signage company that is offering the E-Stick as their latest product. The E-Stick is an alert system that can be used for multiple uses, specifically emergency alerts on campuses, campus safety alerts, event promotion and more. This digital tool can send alerts via TV screens, phones, text alerts, social media and more. Their competitive advantage is that there is a guaranteed message upload and delivery. (entitlemedia.com)

Start With Us:

The number of Chinese students interested in studying in the United States has been increasing. The face the same barriers as domestic students, with the added burden of language, distance and more. Start With Us is a consulting company that helps students find a community college in the US first, so that Chinese students can then apply successfully to their dream college.


Lawgistics will provide startup solutions for lawyers. Most lawyers graduating law school have never taken a business class. The company will provide solo practitioners the benefits of working in a larger firm, while maintaining their independence. The services that they will provide include enterprise software training, administrative and support staff, physical space and other technology.

Mindful CLE:

Mindful CLE is an existing LLC that is seeking to create meditation-based after school programs for youth in and around Cleveland. They will incorporate yoga and other methods to help address issues children are experiencing such as the stress that our current students experience, autism, ADHD and more. (mindfulcle.org)

Know Me:

Know Me is a business contacts sharing application that will provide organization of your contacts and replace business cards. The virtual business contacts application will help you organize your contacts, share contacts via Bluetooth, send notifications when a contact’s information is updated, provide translation for those who need it, analytics on who your contacts are and allow you to add “levels of support” of your contacts through a simple, easy-to-use interface.

The New MBA Ranking:

The new MBA ranking seeks to provide an MBA ranking system for the 230+ MBA programs in China. Currently, there is not a ranking system for MBA programs to assist students in making wise choices when pursuing their MBA. (thenewmbaranking.com)

Bloom Clothing:

Bloom Clothing Company sells clothing online to help support the Honeybee Conservancy, a non-profit that researches Colony Collapse Disorder and builds hives in food desserts to create urban gardens and educate the youth. Each purchase comes with a packet of wildflower seeds to plant for the honeybees.  (bloomclothingcompany.com)


You2Better seeks to solve the problem of mental health worldwide. Their application will provide mental health education, videos, local resources, text and video chat with professional therapists and additional mental health services or emotional disorders, especially for those in areas without knowledge of local resources or limited access to mental health care.

Cleveland Fishing Company:

Cleveland Fishing Company is an apparel brand designed specifically for fisherman, fishing enthusiasts and avid fisherman. The clothing line is based on the Cleveland Fishing community, the products are made locally and the designs are unique to the needs of individual fishermen.

Virtual Beat:

Virtual Beat is an online platform for institutions of higher learning that will enable professors of music to instruct online in an interactive, engaging way through augmented and virtual reality. Currently, there are a limited number of online music courses that are available to students. The platform seeks to also lift the administrative and technical burden that professors face when they attempt to teach music online.

Less Mess S’Mores:

Less Mess S’Mores seeks to solve the messiness and clean-up after creating s’mores. The product is a chocolate and marshmallow coated graham cracker that can be individually roasted. The company plans to offer a pre-toasted and ready-to-toast option.