2017 Winners

1st:  Lexlex

Lex uses real docket data to create an online resource for those seeking attorneys. Not only will the service provide consumers with attorneys that have the best docket record for your particular situation.

2nd: Riserise

Search engine optimization can be laborious.  Using analytics, artificial intelligence and a proprietary algorithm, Rise seeks to predict your current ranking, analyze and provide recommendations on how to optimize your website.

3rd: PneuKineticspneukinetics

PneuKinetics seeks to help people with mobility issues/impairments through a lightweight, inexpensive device/exoskeleton. There are currently 12.3 million people who are using canes, walkers or crutches. This product seeks to replace canes, walkers and crutches with an inexpensive option.

Honorary: CM Matchcm-match

Cleveland Marshal College of Law and other law schools are facing issues with placement of graduates and fundraising. This app seeks to place law school students with raw talent graduating and then donating a percentage back to the College.