2017 Companies Formed

Lex: Lex uses real docket data to create an online resource for those seeking attorneys. Not only will the service provide consumers with attorneys that have the best docket record for your particular situation.

 Rise: Search engine optimization can be laborious.  Using analytics, artificial intelligence and a proprietary algorithm, Rise seeks to predict your current ranking, analyze and provide recommendations on how to optimize your website.

PneuKinetics: PneuKinetics seeks to help people with mobility issues/impairments through a lightweight, inexpensive device/exoskeleton. There are currently 12.3 million people who are using canes, walkers or crutches. This product seeks to replace canes, walkers and crutches with an inexpensive option.

 CM Match: Cleveland Marshal College of Law and other law schools are facing issues with placement of graduates and fundraising. This app seeks to place law school students with raw talent graduating and then donating a percentage back to the College.

Cookout Delivery: Cookout is a fast food delivery service and restaurant that will focus on the Cleveland State University and Tri-C campus to deliver affordable food to students.  Most of the students attending CSU and Tri-C are pressed for time and need quick, healthy options beyond what is currently available.

Cleveland Solar: Cleveland Solar is a company that aims to target new construction to incorporate solar panels into their designs for residential communities. The company will not only source panels, batteries and installation, it will also provide follow-up maintenance.

Trip Skip: Trip Skip will fill a gap in the current travel marketplace for train and bus tickets by providing those seats at a deep discount to consumers. The site partners with bus and train companies to provide consumers with comparison rates and alert them to open seats/fares to locations the consumers identify interest in.

Health Nut: Health Nut is an application that will use image recognition software to identify calorie counts, carb counts and other nutritional information to help consumers make better choices.

Grill Pilot: Grill Pilot is a grilling machine that is able to sense the temperature of your grill and assess the level of doneness of the meat. This product is designed for restaurants to provide consistency and eliminate waste in the restaurant industry.

Visit Umbria: Visit Umbria is an all-inclusive, eco-friendly, farm-to-table, personal, concierge-service vacation to Umbria, Italy. Visit Umbria will focus on the experienced traveler who wants an authentic, un-plugged, immersive and relaxing experience.

Hive to Thrive: Hive to Thrive seeks to resolve urban blight, declining bee populations and under-employment of key populations by placing beehives on abandoned and vacant spaces.  Hive to Thrive will also sell honey and lip balm to help fund additional land acquisition and employment.