2016 Winners

First Prize:   MedRocket (formerly Avicenna)IMG-10

MedRocket seeks to improve healthcare in America and coordination of
care through primary care physicians.  Moving health systems and away from a traditional healthcare model to a system of preventative care can take upwards of 500+ hours for lead physicians and administrators. The MedRocket solution reduces the time to move to the model to 5 hours. Rotation, a product in the suite of MedRocket solutions provides a scheduling solution when moving to this model for physicians and healthcare providers.

Second Prize:     Vitay

IMG-9Vitay is focused on addressing the challenges associated with providing healthy, affordable, and convenient food and beverage options to people in the gym and fitness center market. Vitay will utilize smart software, network connectivity, and non-traditional shipping methods to decrease the cost of delivering fresh and healthy products to gyms and fitness centers nation-wide. Vitay’s solutions will eventually scale up and adapt to alternate markets outside of fitness centers, such as hospitals, universities, and public urban spaces.

Third Prize:     3Rs Housing DevelopmentIMG-6

3Rs Housing Development is a real estate and mortgage company dedicated to reforming communities and increasing home ownership within low-income housing neighborhoods. They seek to offer affordable housing by purchasing housing, renovating and then selling to those within the community at reasonable rates. Since they focus on actual home ownership, there will be an increased sense of pride in the community  creating long-term change and generational wealth.

Social Enterprise Prize Winner:     FairConnect

FairConnect is an interactiIMG-7ve, social enterprise service that solves the challenge students encounter when they are applying to internship, co-op programs and entry-level positions that require a particular GPA. The FairConnect app provides an opportunity for students to obtain hands-on work experience to small to medium businesses and startups. With plans to launch in June 2016 with Cleveland State University college students, students would pay $50 per semester to enter the mentorship program and small businesses will pay $30 per month to enter the network. The mentorship program allows for students to be fostered, develop their skill sets and nurture them.