2016 Companies Formed


ClikCLIK is an app seeks to unite all of your social media apps into one location and then searches out individuals in your area for you to “like” or not “like” in order to connect with them via social channels or video chat.  Eliminates “catfishing” so that you can meet people through local video chats with prospective friends or dates.

Fluid Energy Education

Fluid Energy Education empowers educators by providing fun, engaging lesson plans about renewable energy to inspire the next generation. Fluid Energy Education will provide a device to educators that students build in the classroom, lesson plans regarding renewable energy and then the device itself will serve as a recharging station for student devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Mascot Booster

Mascot BoosterAll schools and organizations have to fund-raise. Traditional fundraising methods are broken. Mascot Booster uses smart phone technology to raise money for local schools and organizations.  Provides advertising for local businesses to be featured on custom apps for the organizations. Parents/others download the app for a fee and can send out through a link. Each seller gets a unique selling link that they share with their network.  Redeem discounts at local businesses through the app – tracks for the business and for the company. All fundraising is tracked through the app.


Now I Rent seeks to save individuals money through a peer-to-peer rental structure. This app/website will allow for individuals to post items online for others to rent.  In order to launch, the company will focus on renting textbooks, snowboards, hobby gear and other items that students own with a soft launch in Fall 2016 to the Cleveland State University community. NowIRent.com is the website.

OG Crown Clothing Company

Fashion is like a business – it’s always changing. OG Crown will provide designer looks without high-end pricing.  The company, run by Cleveland State University students, seeks to provide an alternative for young men and women in an urban, modern setting that want high-end looks that fit their budgets. In addition, the company will seek to be a vehicle for human rights in Nigeria, providing acts of goodwill. OG Crown Company works with a Nigerian designer and incorporates one-of-a-kind African artwork and patterns into their premium clothing line.


Shop-Wave is a self check-out app that allows consumers to purchase products by scanning bar codes in a location that geo-locates the store that you are in. You scan your products’ bar codes and it provides you with a running tally of your purchases as you are shopping – allowing for greater budget control for the consumer and privacy. When you check-out, your express line check-out reviews your bags and you are on your way.

Startup CLE

There logo_startupcle_finalare over 350 resources in Northeast Ohio to support entrepreneurship endeavors in our area. This creates confusion for entrepreneurs. Startup CLE will unify the
organizations and resources for entrepreneurship in our region. They seek to inform, connect the entrepreneurial ecosystem and provide hyper-local content to help entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Spiked Sweets

Spiked SweetsSpiked Sweets is a mobile food business that seeks to combine the best of desserts and alcohol.  Perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, large-scale events (ie: Edgewater Live events, concerts, sporting events, Wade Oval Wednesdays, etc.) weddings, anniversaries and more. Spiked Sweets plans to partner with the Cleveland Launch Kitchen and approach local breweries and wineries.

Teach Me Tech

Teach Me TechTeach Me Tech seeks to provide financial literacy classes, coding classes, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education through gamification. This new eLearning app will create digital content for K-12 students and others and provide pre- and post-assessments, offer badges and real-world incentives for completing levels in different categories.